Transform your business

Who are we?

Our company specializes in applying digital technologies to industry to help transform processes, assets and people. Athelia solutions improve the performance of your business.

Our technologies help diverse industries to transform and reshape their business models, creating new interactions with their customers and partners along their value chains.

In this information age, it is not about having the biggest factory anymore, it’s about having real time visibility and relevant information to make the right decisions at the right time.

We transform data and information into knowledge interacting directly with all of the stakeholders in the value chain.

Transforming business

New technologies have reached almost every aspect of our lives, professional and personal.

Smartphones, internet ubiquity, sensors, smart labels and new techniques are all extracting value from great quantities of data. This advancement is allowing succesful companies to take control of markets consolidated for decades, creating change, and facilitating positive enhancement that were merely unthinkable just years ago.

We do not want your business to fight that change, we don’t even want your business to adapt to that change, we want your business to lead that change.


Applied Technology

Our technologies lay on three fundamental pillars: Personal connectivity or mobile computing, the Internet of Things (IoT )and data analytics.

Our team will make the journey with you from the moment of conceptualization and vision to the operations and support of the systems once deployed.

A multidisciplinary team and a network of best-in-class partners allows us to innovate, without reinventing the wheel, creating reliable and robust solutions.

Internet de las cosas

Internet of the things

M2M / RFID / NFC / Sensors



Smartphones / Personal connectivity

Big data

Big Data

Analytics / Turn data into knowledge

Business First

For technology to fulfil its transformational promise, it must be subordinate to business, not the opposite.

The birth of our company is connected to the application of technology in an industrial context, where solutions must work constantly in critical processes.

Specific knowledge about the industries
we work with is a critical success factor for us.