Technology should be adapted to business and not vice versa.

In-depth industry specific knowledge is necessary to achieve this, to extract the maximum potential through the application of technology.

We specialise in the following industries


Safety, productivity and location of Gas Cylinders are key points in the supply of LPG. Process improvement and effectiveness are important factors in this competitive sector.

GasFlow is our global solution which identifies and tracks gas cylinders.


In the manufacturing sector, process control from the manufacturer to the distributor, through to the point of sale, allows greater safety and reliability.

GasFlow and KegFlow
are solutions that capture information and enable visibility of production processes and supply chains.


Companies in the sector of professional services face daily challenges of managing mobile workers outside of their facilities.

Athelia provides Django® Cloud, the mobile computing solution that helps you to intelligently manage field operations.


Energy and utility assets are geographically dispersed and suffer exposure to unfavourable conditions.

Athelia provides the Django® Cloud solution for field services in order to maintain, inspect, install and monitor the traceability of assets.


Continuous research & development, client relationships, improved management and daily administration or even to simplify the examination and planning of production, are some essential elements in this sector.

Awarenet is a key solution to manage and maintain the processes of your company.


Food and Beverage companies optimize asset management and guarantee product quality through the control of assets in the production and supply chain process, in addition to preventive and corrective maintenance.

Awarenet and Django® Cloud are the solutions to manage and maintain your assets.

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