Mobile Asset Tracking

Returnable containers are at the center of operations for many industries, it is often the main vehicle through which products and services are delivered to their customers.

Our expertise in Electronic Identification technologies as well as systems integration, allows us to design turn-key solutions that are adapted to our clients needs. These solutions are capable of bringing total visibility over returnable containers whilst digitizing all operations around them and increasing overall efficiency.

We share the journey to a digital-supply-chain with our client to extract the maximum out of their assets, automate manual processes and transform the data gathered by the system into actionable business knowledge.

Our systems track 15+ million industrial assets on a daily basis bringing efficiency to our clients in addition to unprecedented visibility on their operations.

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 CEPSA Deploys GasFlow

Cepsa has decided to adopt GasFlow®, developed by Athelia, in order to tracking their assets.