Using sensors to connect people and objects to the web, or the Internet of Things (IoT), is already revolutionizing the way we work and live. According to the The Internet of Things Ecosystem Research Report 35% of manufacturers are already involved, with the remainder fact finding on how they are going to taking part. The Athelia team have monikored it ‘Democratization’ and for our clients, it’s easily accessible here and now.

The reduction in the cost of sensors, plus the developments where software and solutions architecture is concerned has made IoT benefits accessible to a brand new range of sectors and applications.

In the case of equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance, the recent disruptive solutions launched in brewing means that real and relevant ROI from a financial and customer satisfaction point of view are within reach for all clients.

Beer coolers and dispensers are a major asset for any outlet. Ensuring draft beer or cider is at the correct temperature is paramount to customer satisfaction. Maintenance of these assets is expensive and occurs periodically, that is, preventatively, and breakdown and repair is expensive, wasting time, money and reducing sales.


Django cloud IoT balances out the inefficiencies of preventative vs corrective. Using the Internet of Things the solution connects sensors to people and processes.


In the case of dispensing and cooling, a low power smart device connected to the SIGFOX global network monitors the asset 24/7, emitting small amounts of data, while consuming as little energy as possible, as simply as possible. Any anomalies in temperature, within a specially designed set sequence of parameters, alerts the software which then allocates an engineer to the rescue, via a smartphone app. This process is done either automatically or via manual filtering, depending on the clients’ business processes.



The preventative maintenance business model is reshaped and in many cases breakdown is completely avoided, minimizing corrective repair costs and extending further to an increase in customer satisfaction costs and a reduction of lost sales. Activity is monitored over time,
offering powerful metrics for the maintenance side. Additionally the solution can also tap into consumption patterns, extending the reach further and fulfilling the dreams of any marketer.

Democratization means everyone has the opportunity to get involved, competing better and competing smartly in the new jungle. So whether it’s 7 coolers or 7,000, perhaps now is the time to explore or take action.

Athelia are adding value using the IoT in an industrial arena, partnering up with best-of-breed like minded companies in various areas such as SIGFOX who are experts in low energy networks. We develop solutions that are relevant and profitable for clients, enabling new and more powerful interactions with their customers. We believe that technology, IoT or other, should be adapted to business and not vice-versa.

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